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Boiler Broken? Here's what you need to do...

Has your boiler stopped operating? Or are you concerned that it will stop working anytime soon?. Our heating specialists from Pulborough, Storrington and Billingshurst have worked on this post to guide you on what necessary checks you need to do when your boiler breaks down. 

what to do when you boiler stops working

Broken Boiler Checklist:

1. Fuse Box

Fuse boxes supply electricity throughout our home and when it trips, it causes appliances like your boiler to stop working. The chances of this happening after a power loss are even higher because it resets the timer.  You can simply flick the switch back on and hopefully, it will help turn your boiler back on. 

2. Meter

Many people often have prepaid meters and there could be a possibility of running out of credit which causes your electricity supply to be cut off and therefore your boiler to stop working. Before you contact a heating engineer, make sure to take a look a the meter. 

3. Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are very common, especially during the winter. The reason for this is that the weather damages the piping system and frozen condensation can create a blockage. As a result of this, it causes the boiler to overflow and shuts down. You can thaw frozen pipes but it is better to get a qualified heating engineer to do this. 

4. Fault Codes

Your boiler could be showing a fault code than can help you in determining the sort of issue your boiler is experiencing. What the fault code means can be found in your boiler handbook or can easily search for it online along with your boiler model. You will find that there are guidelines that will help you understand the most common boiler codes and what you can do to fix them. 

checklist for broken boiler

6. Boiler Pressure

If the boiler pressure is too low, it will struggle to ignite and turn your boiler on. You can find out the pressure of your boiler by simply looking at the pressure gauge or the display screen on your boiler.  

The ideal boiler pressure should be between 1 and 2 bars and anything lower than 1 is considered low. Similar to fault codes, you can find how to repressurise your boiler by taking a look at your manual or online. 

7. Pilot Light

A pilot light turning off on a boiler may happen for a number of reasons. To begin, follow the instructions in your boiler manual to ignite the pilot light on your own. Our heating professionals strongly advise against removing or modifying your boiler yourself. Please call a Gas Safe Registered engineer if you are unable to relight the pilot light.

8. Gas Valve

The boiler will not ignite if there is anything blocking the gas flow. Check your other gas appliances to make sure they're still operating, and make sure the Emergency Control Valve (located adjacent to the gas metre) isn't switched off. We suggest having your gas supply inspected by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Here at Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd, we are Gas Safe registered, so if you are looking for professional boiler repair services, make sure to get in touch with us today!

9. Time for a new boiler?

If your boiler continues breaking down, it may be a great time to start considering getting it replaced with a brand new one as it can save you lots in the long run. 

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