Common Boiler Problems During the Winter

Even though we rely on our boilers most during the winter months, this is when they seem to cause us the most trouble. Various outside factors - notably the weather - can make your boiler misbehave and leave you stranded without heat or hot water when you need it the most.

We’ve used our expert boiler knowledge at Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd to outline the most common boiler problems and how to handle them below, so you need not be in the dark about your boiler any longer! 

Trouble with the thermostat 

It’s no fun if your radiators don’t heat up on a cold day - a blanket just doesn’t cut it. Commonly, when this happens, the issue can be the thermostat rather than the boiler. Thermostats are delicate creatures and over time can go out of whack. If a component in your thermostat is faulty, it can’t send the right message to your radiators, causing your heating to go haywire. 

Fortunately, an experienced Gas Safe registered engineer will be able to identify the issue and carry out a repair or fit a new one to resolve this issue fairly speedily. 

Pipe problems

Pipes can easily become frozen during particularly cold spells, causing your boiler to stop working and even the pipe to burst, which can cause horrific damage to your home. A common freezing issue happens with the condensation pipe that runs along the back of many boilers. When the temperature outside drops, the water running through the pipe freezes and stops your boiler performing. It is, however, easy to deal with yourself by pouring warm water over the pipe which will thaw it out. Only ever use warm water to do this, not hot or boiling.  

Another helpful hint is to leave your heating on low throughout winter, for example, setting your thermostat to something like 13 or 14 degrees when you are out. This will stop the pipes getting to freezing point as your thermostat will kick in if the temperature drops below this point at home. 

Pilot light woes

There are a few reasons your pilot light can switch off, and without it, your boiler will not work at all - meaning zero heat or hot water. You should always get this checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer to find out the reason, as pilot lights can turn off as a precaution if there is a build-up of gas, which can obviously be extremely dangerous for you and your family. 

In Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey? We can care for your boiler

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