Is a plumber also a heating engineer?

Is a Plumber Also a Heating Engineer?

Pipeline Plumbing Services ltd. have a combined 38 years’ experience in the plumbing and heating industry. We offer Storrington and its surrounding areas, a wide range of heating and plumbing services.

A frequent question from our customers, is: what is- if any- the difference between a plumber and a heating engineer. If you are also interested in finding out, please read on!

Plumber vs Heating Engineer

A plumber

Back in Roman times, plumbers worked with lead piping. It is actually where the name for plumbers originates. ‘Plumbum’ is the Latin word for lead, so you can easily see how the name arose.

Although, modern plumbing devices have ceased to be made from lead (plumbers actually spend quite a bit of time taking away lead piping from homes) the name has kept. Today, however, plumbers normally work on dry and wet pipes. They work on a range of appliances and utilities from dishwashers, to sinks and toilets. When you have a leak, it is a plumber you will likely call. They will be who comes to help you control and fix it.

Now, some plumbers will also be qualified to work with heating appliances- however not all! Working with heating entails further, specific training and qualifications, which only some plumbers choose to pursue.

A heating engineer / heating plumber

Heating engineers, or heating plumbers, work exclusively on your buildings heating appliances. The jobs they do range, from installing and maintaining heating pipework, to fixing broken appliances.

They also normally work on several property types, including: industrial, commercial and residential. They work to ensure that they are heated efficiently and safely. Some plumbers may work on both heating and water. However, heating plumbers/engineers, solely work on heating and do not become involved in any other area of plumbing work.

Who should I hire for boiler work?

If you need some work on your boiler- whether it needs repairing, or servicing- you should look to hire a heating engineer/plumber. There are some plumbers’ services, which will also cover boilers. However, it is important to check the person hiring is qualified for the work you are looking to have done.

Gas Safe

Before hiring anyone to work with your boiler and heating systems, you need to make sure they are gas safe. When a person has qualified they will be recorded on a gas safety register. Only a gas safe registered heating engineer (or plumber), should carry out gas-related activities. They will have a certificate to show they are entitled to do so. If any uncertified plumber does work on Gas appliances, they would likely be breaking the law. Moreover, they could pose a serious threat to your household.

Pipeline plumbing Services are a gas safe registered company. So, we can offer a range of boiler work from servicing, installation, breakdowns and repairs.

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