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Reasons why your boiler is on when the timer is off

Boilers heat water as quickly as possible while using as little energy as possible. However, if you use your boiler for an extended period of time, it may experience problems, such as having the timer switched off but the boiler staying on.

The fact that your boiler continues running after the timer is turned off could be due to a variety of factors, resulting in significant energy consumption and higher energy bills. In this blog, our heating engineers go through a few reasons why this is, carrying on reading to learn more. 

boiler is on but timer is off

Why is my boiler on when the timer is off?

Valve Issues

There are many types of valves inside a boiler, one of them includes check valves. When a fluid goes through a check valve, it automatically opens and it is utilised for one-way flow. It also prevents water backflows by allowing hot water to only flow in one direction. These valves, however, may become blocked or broken when they open and close as needed during the day. If this happens, it can cause your boiler to stay on even though the timer is off as it keeps the flow of hot water going through your boiler. 

Thermostat Malfunction

When the temperature rises, the boiler should turn on more regularly and turn off when it reaches the required temperature. If it still doesn't work, you can try turning it on and off again. If the problem persists, we recommend consulting a qualified heating engineer to check the issue. 

Wiring Problems

When the timer is turned off, the heating may come on due to a wiring issue. To test this, try switching off the circuit breaker to turn off the power to the boiler. Testing the wiring in your home can be dangerous, so proceed with caution or hire a qualified engineer to test this for you. 

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