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3 reasons a combi boiler is perfect for you

3 reasons a combi boiler is perfect for you

3 reasons a combi boiler is perfect for youYou can get different information about what’s the best boiler type out there depends on who you talk to. In most cases, the combi boiler is a great choice to keep your home warm, so here’s 3 reasons why a combi boiler is perfect for you and your home…It can deliver hot water on demandThere’s nothing worse than having to wait for your water to heat up in a situation when time is precious. The most likely time that you might find yourself in this sort...

The Tado smart thermostat...

The tado smart thermostat... INSTALLATION FROM JUST £250 INC VAT - CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATIONSaves EnergySaves up to 31% on heating costs: that’s a whopping £1,000 in just five years. tado° pays for itself within a year.More TransparencyThe report shows when the heating was turned on, the temperature at home, and how much energy is saved every day.Makes Life EasierNo turning the heating up or down, no teaching, no schedules. tado° does all the work, automatically!Geoloc...

Control your heating/hot water from your smartphone or tablet

We've been testing the new Salus iT500 internet controlled room thermostat. You can control heating and hot water from your smartphone even when you are not at home. So whether you have forgotten to turn the heating off when you go out? Or wish to have your home nice and toasty for when you get back on those cold winter days?This heating and hot water control could be perfect for you! Contact us for a free quotation

Powerflushing: How it can save you money!

If you have radiators that are cold at the bottom or not heating up at all, you most likely have sludge in your heating system. This video demonstrates the powerflushing process and how it can save you money. Contact us for a free no obligation quotation.