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3 reasons a combi boiler is perfect for you

3 reasons a combi boiler is perfect for you

You can get different information about what’s the best boiler type out there depends on who you talk to. In most cases, the combi boiler is a great choice to keep your home warm, so here’s 3 reasons why a combi boiler is perfect for you and your home…

It can deliver hot water on demand

There’s nothing worse than having to wait for your water to heat up in a situation when time is precious. The most likely time that you might find yourself in this sort of situation is early in the morning before work or the school run or late at night when there are multiple people all needing to use hot water.

While a combi boiler can only reliably deliver water to one location in a home at one time, it doesn’t require the use of a tank as it draws water from the mains and can heat water as and when it’s needed, making it a great choice for homes that don’t have time to wait around and don’t need to use too much water at once.

They don’t take up as much room as others

As mentioned before, combi boilers do not make use of tanks or cylinders like other types, meaning that they do not need to take up more space than the actual unit in other areas of your home.

This is great for people who live in smaller homes or homes that already make use of the loft area or space as nobody wants to have to sacrifice space in areas that they use everyday such as the kitchen with big, bulky boilers with even bigger, bulkier pipework.

At the same time, that also makes them a great choice for people who might be interested in converting their attics or lofts later on down the line as new boilers should be seen as an investment for your home considering how costly they can be. This means that combi boilers can also be seen as an investment for smaller families that might be looking to grow in the future.

They are very cost-effective

Combi boilers are known to be very cost efficient and can run very efficiently which can help save you money in the long run as they operate. That’s not to say that other boiler types are not, and sometimes this is more down to the brand of boiler that you have installed but it’s important to note that combi boilers have huge potential to be very efficiently which is great as nobody wants to be paying more than should be.

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