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4 things to consider when heating your home

Is your home colder than usual? If so, there could be a number of reasons why your home is not maintaining as much heat as it should. When it comes to heating your home, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration and we have listed our top 4 tips for you! 

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What are the things to consider when heating my home?

1. Style of radiator

Many people assume the type of radiator you have does not have an impact on how effectively it heats your home. With many options available, including wall-hanging to traditional style radiators, you need to consider how much space it will take and where you will be placing your radiator. For example, if you choose a column radiator, they are better suited for large areas with a high ceiling and require a lot of heat. Choosing the right style of radiator for your home will massively impact how efficiently you can heat your home. 

2. Prevent draughts

Checking your home for draughts can negatively affect the heating in your home. Any gaps through the windows or even floorboards can cause cold air to enter and heat to escape, causing your heating bills to also increase. You can prevent this by simply using draught excluders or suitable sealants to keep your home draught free. 

3. Service your boiler

Getting your boiler serviced is a great way to ensure it is running efficiently. The reason for this is because when you book a boiler servicing, heating engineers thoroughly test and inspect your boiler and if there are any issues found, they will get it fixed and repaired. Not only does it ensure it is running safely and efficiently, it will 

4. Add insulation 

Adding or improving your existing insulation will reduce the amount of heat escaping through the ceiling and floorboards. To maximise keeping your home warm and also save money, you should consider either improving your existing insulation or installing insulation if you haven't already done so. 

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