Boiler types broken down

Boiler types broken down

There’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to boilers and are costly investments for your home. That means buying a new boiler shouldn’t be something that you rush into, so here’s a simple breakdown of what boiler types are out there…

Here's what we have to say about boiler types as heating experts based in Pulborough

Let’s talk about combi boilers

Out of the many types of boilers out there, ‘combi boilers’ which are also known by their full title of ‘combination’ boilers, are mostly likely to be the type that you may have heard of - and for good reason as they are the most popular choice in this country.

One of the biggest reasons that combi boilers are a popular choice is because they are smaller than other options. They do not need hefty cylinders or tanks to operate which saves room, meaning they are great choices for people that live in smaller properties or don’t want to have sacrifice other areas of their living space for their boiler.

Having more space is great of course, but a boiler’s performance is what really matters. Combi boilers can supply heat on demand. The reason for this is that it used the mains as a source when it draws water meaning that you don’t have to wait a long time to wait for water to heat.

Combi are not for every homeowner though as they do have some drawbacks. One of the biggest of these is the fact that they cannot reliably deliver hot water to two places in a home at once. Since they don’t make use of tank they cannot store water meaning that if one person wants to use the shower upstairs, then someone else won’t be able to use the hot tape in the kitchen without one of the sources suffering. The big takeaway on this is that if you live in a larger home, it might be worth looking into another type of boiler.

Let's talk about other options

Another popular option is a conventional boiler. Conventional boilers are an interesting choice for larger homes as they are able to handle a larger supply of hot water. This means that they can deliver heat to more than one location meaning that you don’t have to wait around.

The biggest drawback for these types of boilers for most homeowners is that they use more space in your home, so they are not always an option. They also heat hot water and then proceed to store it in a tank. However, once that hot water has been used up, you’ll have to wait before you can use it again. This can be a huge issue for some larger families or houseshares.

The last type that you should know about are system boilers. System boilers are more similar to conventional boilers as they also require a cylinder to operate but they do not require the use of a tank, getting around the issue of needing to install one in your home’s loft. They can suffer from the same problems though as hot water needs to be heated before it can be used.

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