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FAQ's on Boiler Installation

We know that having a new boiler installed represents a significant investment, and it's important to make informed decisions regarding the type and model of the unit that you want to install.

But how do you go about achieving this objective? Below, we’ve provided a brief FAQ to answer some of your most pressing questions!

How do Boilers Work? 

Your boiler sits at the heart of your central heating system, sending heat and hot water to the radiators, taps or underfloor heating in your home.

 Each boiler has various components depending on its type and design, although as a general rule these units will burn a mixture of gasses together in a pressure vessel that provides a viable source of heat throughout the property.

What Types of Boiler Should I Buy?

From conventional and system boilers to modern combi units, there’s a growing number of boiler types currently available in the UK. 

Whilst compact and self-contained units are the most popular and help you to save space in the home, both conventional and system boilers also offer advantages in certain circumstances. 

These boiler types both require the installation of an additional hot water tank, making them ideal for larger properties where there’s a higher demand for hot water.

What are the Benefits of a Combi-boiler?

As we’ve already said, a combi-boiler is a self-contained unit that controls the whole of your central heating system from a single point.

The compact nature of combi-boilers certainly makes them popular amongst modern homeowners, whilst these units also negate the need to install additional cold or hot water tanks.

Most contemporary, A-rated boilers are also combi units, with these entities considered to be up to 35% more efficient than older and non-condensing alternatives.

How Often Should I Replace My Boiler?

We recognise that this may not be the first time you’ve purchased a boiler, as the general lifespan of a unit is around 10 to 15 years.

However, you can also access A-rated boilers from premium brands that last for up to 20 years, with these units typically benefitting from extended manufacturers’ warranties.

Should I Choose an Energy Efficient Boiler?

Whilst this type of A-rated unit may cost a little more to purchase and install, it has the potential to deliver huge savings over time.

The reason for this is simple; as energy-efficient boilers are all condensing units that boast larger heat exchangers, enabling them to recover far more heat.

This reduces consumption and the cost of your monthly energy bills, whilst helping to maintain the optimal performance of your boiler for much longer!

Why Should You Choose Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd?

At Pipeline Plumbing Services, our experienced engineers have been installing new boilers for more than 38 years, during which time we’ve built a solid base of satisfied customers.

Our engineers are Gas Safe-registered too, which means that they’re fully qualified to work in your home whilst delivering an incredibly high standard of service.

So, if you’re based in Pulborough or the surrounding areas, we’re ideally placed to manage your new boiler installation with the minimum of fuss!

To learn about us or ask any other boiler installation questions that you may have, give us a call on either 01903 740538 or 07871 725133 or email us at info@pipelineplumbingservices.co.uk