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How to choose an eco friendly boiler

Heating your home requires a large amount of energy and is one of the bigger energy consuming factors in your home. It accounts for an average of 55% of your total energy outgoings every month. That is why choosing an eco-friendly boiler is one of the best things you can do to not only contribute to a greener planet but also save money on your monthly heating bills. 

How to choose an eco-friendly boiler that is right for your home

ErP rating (Energy-related Products Directive)

The good news is that nowadays all new boilers on the market need to be rated between 92% and 94% efficiency, making the gap between the least energy-efficient and most on the market smaller.

Condensing boiler technology

Another factor in the improvement of energy-efficient boilers is the fact that all new boilers are condensing. Condensing boilers harness heat energy from waste gas and then reuses this energy to heat your home. This results overall in less gas being consumed by your boiler for the same results. 

Choose a boiler approved by the Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust has a boiler endorsement scheme that helps has picked out the top boilers that display the most energy-efficient boilers available for consumers. Selecting a boiler endorsed by The Energy Saving Trust will give you peace of mind that your boiler system meets and exceeds energy efficiency standards. 

Hire an experienced heating engineer for boiler installation

A boiler is only as efficient as the heating engineer that installs it. If your boiler installation is carried out to a poor standard, you certainly won't be taking advantage of your boilers potential to save energy. Choosing a knowledgeable and experienced heating engineer to carry out the work is a must. 

eco friendly boiler


With regulations tightening and pressuring boiler manufacturers to create economical boilers, choosing an eco-friendly model is now easier than ever. Endorsements by organisations like the Energy Saving Trust can give you additional reassurance about selecting an energy-efficient new boiler.

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