Is your boiler working as hard as it can?

Is your boiler working as hard as it can?

Pipeline plumbing services can offer a great range of heating services to Storrington and its surrounding areas. This, of course, includes work with boilers. If your boiler is having problems it can either be working harder than necessary, or not as hard as it could be!

So, please read on and see when/if your boiler may not be working to its full potential…

Signs of a faulty boiler

If your boiler is displaying any of the following signs, then there is a very good chance that there is something wrong. And if there is something wrong then your boiler will not be able to work as hard as it can to give you sufficient heating.

So, if you notice any of these signs, try resolve them immediately. Sometimes you can fix them yourself, but other times you may need to seek professional assistance.

Leaking and dripping

There are many problems which can cause boilers to leak water. The location of the water leak will help determine the cause. The most common cause of water leaking is an internal component breaking- like the pressure valve, or pump seal. If it is the pressure valve leaking, it could be because the boiler pressure is too high. If the leak is coming from the pump seal, it might have become worn, and so need replacing. Your boiler could also leak around the tank or pipes. This is likely due to corrosion, or because of an improper fitting. You must never try fixing a leaking gas boiler yourself! Always contact a professional.

Boiler noises

You should barely notice the sound of your boiler. However, sometimes they can start making unusual noises. Trapped air and low water pressure are common reasons for this. Sometimes the type of noise can help you determine the type of problem your boiler has. So, if experiencing unusual boiler noises, try reading this guide to help you determine the cause. You can then investigate how to fix the problem, and find out if you need professional assistance. 

Losing pressure

If your boiler pressure drops too low, it can cause your central heating system to stop functioning properly. So every now and again check your pressure. If it’s below 1 it needs topping up. However, if the pressure keeps dropping, you should contact a professional to help identify and fix the cause.

Radiator problems

Bleeding your radiators can cause your pressure to drop. You will need to bleed your radiators if/when they have trapped air. Trapped air can cause your boiler to work harder, so it’s important to fix this issue, as soon as you can. Fortunately it’s a fairly easy task, which you should find no difficulty performing! For guidance please click here.

Another common reason for cold radiators in sludge accumulation. You may need to have your system chemically flushed- we recommend hiring a professional to do this.

When did you last have your boiler service?

You should have a boiler service every year. This will help ensure your boiler is working efficiently. It allows for any potential or current problems to be detected and fixed- hopefully before they become a serious issue! So, if you haven’t had your service this year, we encourage you to arrange one soon.

Do you need heating assistance in Storrington?

If you need any heating assistance in or around Storrington, please do not hesitate to contact us. With a combined experience of 38 years in the Plumbing and Heating Industry, we are confident we can meet all your heating- and plumbing- needs!