More Boiler Maintenance Tips for Your Home

While every day is centred around boiler and central heating care here at Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd, we understand that busy homeowners have many other things on their minds. When life is busy it’s easy to neglect important things in your home, but this can lead to hassle and expense in the future. 

Following our recent popular post on maintaining your boiler, we’ve written some additional tips that are easy to do and will help keep your boiler healthy. They don’t take long to carry out, we promise!  

Keep the area around your boiler clean

The inside of your boiler will be cleaned by your Gas Safe registered heating engineer as part of your annual service, and it’s unsafe to attempt this yourself. However, simply dusting on top, underneath and around your boiler can help prevent dust sneaking inside where it can cause damage. Simply do this as part of your regular house dust and it will just take mere seconds.

Check your boiler’s pressure

If the pressure of your boiler is too high or too low it affects how your central heating performs, so it’s worth checking it regularly. You can locate the pressure gauge on your boiler and note where the needle is - it should sit between 1 and 1.5. If it’s too high it may mean you need to bleed your radiators and if it’s too low it needs repressurising. You can do this yourself if you feel confident, by following the instructions in your boiler manual. However, if in doubt, simply contact a qualified heating engineer who can carry the task out for you. 

Don’t leave your boiler off for long periods

While we’d never encourage wasting energy, leaving your boiler off through the entire summer can lead to it not switching back on easily once the weather turns cold and you need it again. Much like a car parked on your drive but not in use, turning your boiler over every few weeks will help keep it ticking over. You only need to turn it on for half an hour, which should be enough time for it to run and wake up your central heating system up from hibernation.

Let your boiler breathe

Boilers need good ventilation to work properly, so if yours is in a cupboard be sure it isn’t surrounded by clutter! As tempting as it might be to store towels, coats or bags around your boiler, this prevents it from working properly and can cause it to overheat. 

Boiler maintenance and care in West Sussex

If you need any help maintaining your boiler, give the team at Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd a call. Whether it’s a boiler service, a boiler repair or something you’d like us to check over, we’re on hand to assist. Our Gas Safe registered engineers cover the areas of Storrington, Pulborough, West Chiltington, Petworth, Fittleworth, Ashington, Billingshurst, Coldwaltham, Findon, Steyning and Horsham and have more than 38 years of combined industry experience.  

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