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Signs that your bathroom needs refurbishment (Updated)

The quality of your bathroom can really make or break your home as it one of the most important rooms - often overlooked when it comes to home improvement. A dated bathroom tends to drag down a living space. Likewise, a modern bathroom can improve your quality of life and up the market value of your home.

We’ve written this article for anyone who’s wondering whether it’s time to take the plunge and go ahead with a refurbishment. 

You want to modernise you home 

As mentioned, bathrooms can often be left to the back burner in home improvement projects and If you are selling, it’s good to look out for the recent trends in home improvement to find out what will be popular on the market. Even a perfectly functioning bathroom can begin to look dated and put potential buyers off. 

Your bathroom lacks storage space

Practicality can also be dramatically improved with a re-designed bathroom. Especially for those who have recently extended your family. A refurbishment can transform your living space and create more storage and practicality in your home. Adding in cleverly positioned bathroom units can massively increase storage and leave you with a minimalist clutter-free look. 

You bathroom requires a refresh

If your bathroom layout is already working for you it might not seem like a good time to get a refurbishment. A bathroom refurbishment doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, in fact a new sink, shower and bath can really modernise an already functioning bathroom.

Your bathroom has structural wear and tear

Along with aesthetics, there’s also important structural issues to consider that if left neglected could lead to further damage in your home - sometimes leading to thousands of pounds in repair costs. 

Other signs also include:

  • Cracking pipework 
  • Odds smells from the drains 
  • Gurgling or strange pipe noises
  • Slower draining in the pipes
  • Check the integrity of seals 
  • Moist spots on the walls

If you notice any of these signs then get in touch with us today! View how you can get in touch by viewing our contact details down below. 

Our bathroom refurbishment services

As with any refurbishment project, it’s always important to get it completed by a reliable, trusted and skilled plumber with bathroom refurbishment experience. Pipeline plumbing services strive to make the process a breeze and allow you obtain your dream bathroom. We have extensive knowledge and experience creating our clients’ vision for a perfect bathroom. Check out our gallery to see some of our recent work in Pulborough, Storrington, Billingshurst and surrounding areas.  

If you are interested in a local bathroom refurbishment experts to help you with your project. Get in touch with Pipeline Plumbing Services today on 01903 740538 or 07871 725133. Or use our contact form for an initial quote.