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Sure Stop i-Water control Stopcock

Water damage from leaking pipes can often be extremely costly to fix and repair. Adding a SureStop i-Water Control System, it allows to control water away from the property. It also allows you to turn the water on or off from your smartphone or computer, whenever and wherever. 

A 2018 study by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) reveals that £2.5million is paid out every day on ‘escape of water’ home insurance claims. An increasing number of home insurance companies are recommending these types of systems to keep down premiums.

Find out more about the system by heading over to SureStop.

Benefits of installing the SureStop i-Water Control System

There are plenty of benefits that come along with getting the SureStop control system installed, here at Pipeline Plumbing Ltd,  we have listed a few of these benefits for you. These include:

  • You have full control over when to turn the water off from your phone, from anywhere you are as long as you have signal.
  • If you forget to turn the water off when you are away, you can turn it off with a single touch of a button
  • You can also have the option to turn the water off by a manual switch by the stopcock
  • An additional sensor can be installed that would text you and sound an alarm when it senses a leak

Here at Pipeline Plumbing Ltd, we can help install a SureStop i-Water Control System for you. We also offer a range of plumbing services throughout Pulborough, Storrington, Billingshurst & surrounding areas. Head over to our plumbing services to find out more or you get in touch with us by calling us on 01903 740538 or 07871 725133.