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The Benefits of An Air Source Heat Pump

Whilst most suburban homes are powered by a gas-fired boiler in the modern age, this is not the only source of heating available to property owners.


Take air source heat pumps, for example, which work by transferring heat absorbed from outside air to an indoor space. This heat is transported through radiators and wet central heating systems, creating comforting living environments and hot water on demand! 

What are the benefits of air source heat pumps?

Heat Pumps are an Efficient Energy Source


Thanks to the fundamental nature of air source heat pumps, these systems provide a truly efficient energy source and a potentially low carbon footprint.


One of the main reasons for this is that they can be alternatively powered by wind or solar energy, which minimises your reliance on fossil fuels and may enable you to receive future payments through the UK’s Renewable Heat Initiative.


Heat pumps are particularly efficient during the summer, and this is borne out by the details of the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER).

Heat Pumps Can Work at Considerably Lower Temperatures


On a similar note, air source heat pumps are also capable of delivering heat at a lower temperature, particularly when compared to conventional gas and oil-fired boilers.


In fact, air source heat pumps can deliver heat at temperatures that are 20 degrees lower overall, helping you to minimise consumption and maintain a more comfortable living environment.


This should also allow you to minimise waste, creating a scenario where you save more on your monthly energy bills.


Heat Pumps Can Supply Hot Water on Demand


With most conventional heating systems, it’s possible to access an instant supply of hot water as and when required.


Whilst air source heat pumps can also provide hot water on demand, this system also enables you to create a secure store for later use.


Despite this, there’s no need for additional fuel storage, which means that you can install an air source heat pump without compromising the available space in your home.


Choosing Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd


Whilst there are numerous benefits to installing an air source heat pump in your home, the question that remains is who can you trust to manage this process on your behalf?


If you live in Pulborough or the surrounding areas, then you can rely on Pipeline Plumbing Services to install your air source heat pump. After all, our two engineers have more than 38 years experience in the industry, whilst we’re also Gas Safe registered and fully insured to work in your home!


To learn more, we’d recommend that you give us a call today on either 01903 740538 or 07871 725133. Or, you can shoot us an email to info@pipelineplumbingservices.co.uk and request your free quote in writing.