Things to watch out for in your bathroom

Things to watch out for in your bathroom

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Regular maintenance and sensible use should help keep your bathroom plumbing running smoothly. However, as we all know sometimes things go wrong! And your plumbing may need some extra attention. So please read on, and see which things you should be watching out for in your bathroom.

Problems to look out for...

Dripping Taps

You should look out for dripping taps. If you notice they’re constantly dripping you could be wasting a lot of water- and perhaps more importantly, you’re wasting money on your water bills! Plus, if it’s hot water dripping, you could be impacting your energy bills.  So, you should always try make sure your taps are properly turned off. And try quickly fix any issues, which could be causing them to leak. Dripping taps may only seem like a small inconvenience, but you’ll probably be surprised at the difference they can actually make to your bills. Plus, constant dripping can end up permanently damaging the plumbing, if it’s not treated. So if you’re struggling to stop the dripping, we encourage you to seek professional assistance.

Poor Draining

Most, if not all of us, would have experienced a slow draining bathtub or sink. Often it’s possible to fix the problem. Perhaps there is an obstruction which needs removing, or some cleaner will do the trick. Note though, that chemicals can damage your plumbing and cause bigger issues in the future. So avoid using them frequently. If you notice that you keep having particularly slow drainage, you should contact a professional. They’ll help identify and fix the cause of the problem. And should stop future occurrences!

Lacking hot water

Due to the inconvenience involved, it probably won’t take you long to notice when your water temperatures are playing up. It’s not unusual to have to occasionally wait for more water to heat- when your household have had particularly high water demands, for instance. After all hot water tanks do have a maximum capacity. However, this should not regularly happen. So, if your water keeps running cold, and you haven’t already been using a lot of hot water, then you have a problem. And there’s a good chance the issue lies with your water heater. So, if you experience this, contact a professional!


Water and damp areas attract mould, so you should keep an eye out for this. Mould can indicate you have a hidden leak and has been associated with several health problems! Did you know many people actually live in a home with mould? They just don’t realising it’s there! They ignore the warning signs, until it becomes a serious issue. So, make sure you keep a lookout out for these. Two of the most common indicators are noticing a strange odour in your home, and of course seeing the appearance of mould. So be aware of these. And when looking for mould, pay particular attention to your shower and bath.

Do you need any plumbing or heating assistance in Pulborough?

If you notice any of these signs- or suspect you have any heating or plumbing issues- in or around Pulborough, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please don’t ignore any problems. Avoiding an issue will just allow it to grow! And you can be sure that the costs and work needed to repair it, will continue to grow too.