What Size Boiler Should I Install?

If you’re going to install a new boiler in your home, there are a number of important considerations that you need to keep in mind.


Now, whilst your thoughts may immediately turn to the preferred make of your boiler and the exact service provider that you choose to manage the installation, it’s also important that you consider the size of the unit that you’re looking to install.


This is crucial, as installing the right size boiler for your heating system enables you to create a warm living environment without incurring additional running costs. But what are the factors that determine the necessary size of your new boiler?


Your Current Boiler Size


Let’s start with your current boiler size, which should provide a key point of reference when purchasing a brand new unit.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to choose a boiler with the same power output, particularly if you’re upgrading from an older, non-condensing unit to an A-rated model that’s far more energy efficient.


However, the size of your current boiler can be used to inform your product search and ensure that you make the right selection for your home.


The Size of your Home


You should also consider the size of your home, and more specifically the number of individual rooms included within.


As a general rule, properties with a larger number of rooms will require a boiler with a more substantial output. For example, a typical two-bedroom home may need a unit with a 27kW output, whereas a property with four bedrooms or more may demand a 42kW boiler.


Whilst this is just a general guide, it should help you to understand the demands that will be placed on your new boiler and the minimum output required. 


The Number of Bathrooms in Your Home


On a similar note, the precise number of bathrooms that you have installed in your home will also affect the size of the boiler required.


Once again, larger properties with more bathrooms will typically create a higher level of demand for hot water, creating the need for a more substantial and capacious boiler unit.


If you own a rural home with two more bathrooms, you may also benefit from installing a conventional or system unit rather than a combi-boiler. This is because combi-boilers only provide a single water flow, creating a scenario where the pressure is likely to diminish as demand increases.


Why Choose Pipeline Plumbing Services to Install Your Boiler?


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