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Will Gas Boilers be banned? [2021]

You may have heard in the news that the International Energy Agency (IEA) has recommended that gas boilers be outlawed by 2025 as part of a plan to combat climate change. This plan to eliminate gas boilers is one of the 400 steps required to achieve the world's goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, according to the above intergovernmental organisation.

In this blog, we discuss whether gas boilers will be banned in the future & why? If you want any more information on the impact of gas boilers or getting a more eco-friendly heating system, give our engineers a call on 01903 740538 or  07871 725133 and they'd be happy to help. 

gas boilers banned

Are Gas Boilers Banned?

What role do gas boilers have in global warming? 

Gas is among the fossil fuels that are used to generate electricity and heat. When gas is produced, carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. 

According to the International Energy Agency, no new fossil fuel boilers should be sold after 2025 unless they are hydrogen compatible. 

When new homes are constructed, low-carbon alternative heating systems, such as electric heat pumps, will be required. 

To avoid a hazardous rise in temperature, a strategy to slash emissions to "net-zero" by 2050 is needed, and the International Energy Agency (IEA) argues that it is doable.

What steps are being taken in the UK to achieve this goal? 

Housing quality is being improved across the country, according to Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government sources. 

New homes will be required to meet stringent energy efficiency requirements. The Future Homes Standard will: 

  • Increase energy efficiency.
  • Contribute to lower energy expenditures.
  • Ensure that homes are warmer.
  • Assist us in achieving our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Will a gas boiler ban have an impact on me? 

Gas boilers will be banned in all new-build homes starting in 2023, two years earlier than initially intended. 

Millions of homes should have their outdated gas boilers replaced within the next eight years, according to the IEA. 

The UK government, on the other hand, has yet to confirm whether it will adopt this proposal. If the UK continues on this path, and your boiler breaks down after 2025, you may have to replace it with a gas-free alternative.

What are some alternatives?

  • The most popular solution currently is to have a Hydrogen (H2 ready) gas boiler fitted such as the new Viessmann 100 range.
  • Another alternative solution we offer is air source heat pumps
  • You could use Electricity to heat homes. Storage heaters are already being used in some homes instead of radiators. 
  • Ofgem is researching ways to make homes more electric, such as utilising electricity to power heat pumps. 
  • Gas boilers are being upgraded to work with decarbonized gas, such as hydrogen. 
  • Using an Air source heat pump to circulate hot water and air through pipes in a home's heat network. Currently, roughly 30,000 heat pumps are installed per year, but the government hopes to increase that number to 600,000 by 2028.

Will my gas boiler need to be replaced? 

If your current gas boiler is in good operating order, there is no need to replace it right away. If your gas boiler breaks down in the next several years, you may want to consider replacing it with an alternative, such as an H2 ready boiler. Learn more about our boiler replacement services here.

Get in touch & we'd be able to walk you through the many possibilities. We are available across Pulborough, Storrington, Billingshurst and the surrounding areas.

But it's not something you should be concerned about just yet!