What type of boiler is best

What type of boiler is best?Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd. can provide a highly experienced plumber and/or heating engineer to Pulborough and its surrounding areas.Is it time for a new boiler? If so, we recommend you reading this post! Then you can know which boiler type is best for your home. Boiler TypesThere are three main types of boiler: combi, system and conventional. To find out more about them- including their pros and cons, and the house types they are best suited to, please read on...


Things to watch out for in your bathroom

Things to watch out for in your bathroomPipeline Plumbing Services Ltd. love to help Pulborough with all their heating and plumbing needs!Regular maintenance and sensible use should help keep your bathroom plumbing running smoothly. However, as we all know sometimes things go wrong! And your plumbing may need some extra attention. So please read on, and see which things you should be watching out for in your bathroom. Problems to look out for...Dripping TapsYou should look out for dripping ta...


Are Baxi boilers good value for money?

Are Baxi Boilers Good Value For Money?Pipeline plumbing services ltd, based in Pulborough, would love to help when you need a plumber or heating engineer. We happily provide customers with our advice on all aspects of heating and plumbing. In fact, we regularly have customers returning! To see why, check out our feedback, by clicking here.  We often have customers asking about boilers. Sometimes people want to know what boiler brand is best. Well, when it’s time to buy a new boiler we ge...


Are Ideal boilers good for homeowners?

Are Ideal boilers good for homeowners?Based in Pulborough, Pipeline Plumbing Services ltd, are highly experienced professionals in the plumbing and heating industry.Many of our customers come to us for advice on boiler brands. The right boiler will depend on individual needs. However, the well-known boiler names tend to be best. Ideal is one of the most popular names in the industry- having been around for over 100 years. They generally provide good boilers. To find out if they could be good...


Jobs that a plumber can help you with

Jobs that a plumber can help you with - Pipeline plumbing services ltd. can provide a friendly and professional plumber to Storrington, and its surrounding areas. To find out about some of the common jobs us plumbers assist with, please read on! Common Plumber Jobs There are many jobs that a plumber can help you with. Water may appear harmless- a necessity to life. However, it can actually cause significant damage.  A good way to control this, is to perform regular maintenance. 


Is your boiler working as hard as it can?

Is your boiler working as hard as it can? Pipeline plumbing services can offer a great range of heating services to Storrington and its surrounding areas. This, of course, includes work with boilers.If your boiler is having problems it can either be working harder than necessary,or not as hard as it could be! So, please read on and see when/if your boiler may not be working to its full potential…Signs of a faulty boiler If your boiler is displaying any of the following signs, then there is a ...