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What you need to know about maintaining underfloor heating

Whether you're considering installing underfloor heating as part of a new refurbishment project or you already have one installed, maintaining your underfloor heating system is important. However, you must be wondering, what maintenance is required? Well, in this blog, we'll go through this.

underfloor heating maintenance

How do I maintain my underfloor heating?

Maintaining Electric Underfloor Heating

To be maintenance-free is to make sure that when you are getting your electric underfloor heating installed is that it is correctly safely installed. Many issues that occur with electric underfloor heating is that it is not installed properly. We recommend hiring a fully trained and qualified heating engineer to install this for you. 

You will also be glad to know that unlike other types of central heating systems, electric underfloor heating does not require frequent servicing, especially because it can be easily controlled. But you should get it checked every now and again to ensure it is working correctly. 

Maintaining Wet Underfloor Heating 

Similar to electric underfloor heating, wet underfloor heating systems should also be checked to ensure it is working efficiently. A wet underfloor heating manifold connects the heating pipes and ensures precise temperature and pressure outputs. You can easily verify the system's working state, simply check the pressure to ensure it isn't beyond the recommended levels.  

What if I need to get my underfloor heating repaired? 

If at any point your underfloor heating fails on you, our professional and qualified heating engineers across Pulborough, Storrington and Billingshurst are on hand to get it up and running in no time! We are also fully trained to install underfloor heating, if you would like to know more, simply call our friendly and reliable team on 01903 740538 and we will be happy to help. 

No matter the size of your property, underfloor heating provides long-lasting, low-maintenance heat. It is great to introduce this into your home when you have an upcoming refurbishment project.